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Healthy Menu for Children to be Stronger

Konten [Tampil] - As we all know that a healthy menu for children is very difficult to achieve because children sometimes don't want the menu. 

Giving children food to increase their immune system is something that every mother on earth must do.

Healthy Menu for Children to be Stronger

Healthy Menu To Increase Children's Endurance


Chicken is one of the foods that serves to increase your little one's immune system and is one of the healthy menus for children that mothers can try. 

Rich in protein and vitamin B6 which in 3 ounces of chicken meat contains almost a third of the daily amount of B6.

It is one of the recommended menus for adult intake, where forcing chicken bones first is also safe and beneficial for health. 

Mothers can cook chicken broth which contains gelatin and chondroitin as well as other nutrients that are very beneficial for intestinal healing and the child's immune system.


As we know that our Arab children's immune system is related to the food they eat every day. 

Fish is one of the foods that have properties to increase your child's immune system and the best healthy menu for children.

The nutritional content contained in fish is also very high, making it one of the natural ingredients that can increase your little one's immune levels. 

Of course the right thing if you provide fish as food to increase your little one's immune system.

So that your little one doesn't get bored, you can process the fish into a variety of very interesting foods. 

The taste of fish is also very tasty and is generally very liked by children at home because fish is one of the children's favorite menus in general.

Fish certainly have very high nutrients such as salmon and tuna because both types of fish are rich in omega 3 which is very good for the intelligence of the little one. 

Not only that, because the mother can give fish so that the inflammation in the child immediately subsides and protects the little one's lungs.

Your little one will also avoid respiratory infections and increase airflow if your little one is given a balanced diet of fish. 

Research also says that omega 3 contained in fish can improve the immune system and other cell functions.

Spinach and Broccoli

Of course, to complete a healthy menu for your child, you must include vegetables in a balanced menu. 

As for these vegetables, you can include spinach in the list of foods so that the child's immune system increases because pay is one of the healthiest vegetables.

Keep in mind that spinach contains vitamin A and vitamin C and vitamin K which are very good for maintaining and increasing your little one's immune system. 

It doesn't stop there, ma'am, because these green vegetables are also vegetables that contain high antioxidants, so they are very useful for removing toxins in the child's body.

A healthy menu for children will certainly be much complete if you add spinach in it. 

Mothers are also very able to process spinach as soup or make it stir-fried spinach and mixed with fish which is rich in protein and omega 3 so that children do not get bored.


If your little one is bored with spinach, then you can replace it with broccoli as food to increase your little one's immune system. 

Of course, in broccoli there is vitamin A and vitamin C which are very good for maintaining the eyes and immunity of the little one.