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5 Ways to Have a Smooth Face Without Acne and Blackheads

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5 Ways to Have a Smooth Face Without Acne and Blackheads - there are many Ways to Have a Smooth Face Without Acne and Blackheads,. Of course, to get a smooth face without pimples and blackheads, regular and painstaking treatments are needed.

You don't just have to go through multiple stages of skin care. You also have to regularly maintain cleanliness and apply a clean lifestyle.

For more details, let's see how to get a smooth face without pimples and blackheads which has been summarized by Hello ladies below.

5 Ways to Have a Smooth Face Without Acne and Blackheads

Quoted from various sources, here's how to get a smooth face without pimples and blackheads.

1. Don't forget to clean your face

Washing your face is the most important thing to do if you want a clean and smooth face without pimples and blackheads.

Acne is a skin disorder caused by the absence of oil and bacteria in the pores, which eventually causes an infection in the form of acne. While blackheads appear due to the presence of oil. Therefore, if you want to have a face that is free of pimples and blackheads, you should take the time to clean your face using the double cleansing technique.

2. Limit the use of makeup

You can use makeup to support your daily appearance. But it would be better if it was reduced slowly because makeup also contains ingredients that can clog your pores.

Blockage of the pores will cause skin problems such as acne and blackheads. It is recommended that when you want to go to sleep, immediately remove the makeup on your face until it is clean, OK!

In addition, you can also choose makeup products that contain ingredients such as non-comedogenic.

3. Diligently do facial scrubs

Scrub is a beauty treatment technique that is used to clean the skin to the deepest layer of the pores. Scrub is also used as a remover of dead skin cells so that the skin is clean and bright.

Regular use of scrubs on your face will help remove dirt more optimally. In addition, diligent use of scrubs can also make your facial skin smoother.

4. Don't forget to use a moisturizer

Moisturizers or moisturizers have many good ingredients that can nourish your facial skin properly. Currently, the content of moisturizers has also varied and has many variations according to facial skin problems.

If you want to get smooth facial skin, not making the skin and not blackheads, then you also need the nutrients contained in the moisturizer.

5. Don't stress and keep your sleep pattern

The easiest and natural way to make your skin smoother without pimples and blackheads is to start a healthy life by maintaining a regular sleep pattern and being less stressed.

Don't get so caught up in things before bed that your sleep schedule messes up. Quoted from Healthline, during sleep energy returns to work, cells begin to regenerate and blood supply also increases.

If you don't get enough sleep, you will experience stress and increase oil production on your face. This can cause acne and blackheads, you know! 


So a few tips about Ways to Have a Smooth Face Without Acne and Blackheads, which we can convey in this article, hopefully they can be helpful and useful.